ZipCodes Resource

The ZipCode Resource allows read access to the Sage 100 Zip Code table.

Resource Method List
getGET/zipcodes?zipcode=<zipCode> Retrieve ZipCode data for one ZipCode
listGET/zipcodesRetrieve a list of ZipCodes

Resource Table List
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SY ZipCode

Element NameDescriptionTypeLength
ZipCodeZip CodeString10
StateCodeState CodeString2
CountryCodeCountry CodeString3

SY Country Code

Element NameDescriptionTypeLength
CountryCodeCountry CodeString3
CountryNameCountry NameString30
PhoneCodePhone Area CodeString3

Resource Methods


Users and Administrators can retrieve information on a single ZipCode. This can include data from any of the tables associated with the resource.


Users and Administrators can retrieve information on all ZipCodes using the ZipCodes Resource.