Paperless HTML Email Advanced

by MBA Business Software

Enhance your Sage 100 Paperless Office Emails with HTML extending past the max 4k size. Add more html to the Paperless HTML Email with this advanced version that bypasses the field limitation.

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The Paperless Office module allows users to set up PDF and electronic delivery options for all standard reports, journals, and registers as well as most customer, vendor, and employee forms. The setup process for Paperless Office follows a tiered approach allowing it to be set up with options specific to a company, module, customer, vendor, employee (payroll), or individual document. More information about Paperless Office can be found in Sage’s manual for Sage 100.

Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance is used to maintain the default messages when using electronic delivery of the PDF documents. The maintenance screen can be accessed by logging into Sage 100 and going to Modules | Paperless Office | Setup | Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance. Paperless office, as of the 2018 version, was designed to allow only the body of the electronic delivery to use plain text for the message.
Standard Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance

The Paperless HTML Email Advanced enhancement was created to replace the Paperless HTML Email enhancement. The Paperless HTML Email enhancement has a limitation of 4096 characters for the body of the email. With this enhancement, the field is replaced with a file. The file will contain the same data that the field held but without the limitation of 4096 characters.

The Paperless HTML Email Advanced enhancement turns on the ability to send email with HTML in the body. This will allow Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) code to be entered, as well as plain text, in the body of the Electronic Delivery. By allowing HTML to be entered in the body, the email being sent can have logos, tables, and other formatting that coordinates with the company's existing brand. It will allow for linking to websites and Social Media.

The enhancement can be downloaded for the appropriate version of Sage 100 by using the download links in the Versions section in this document. The downloaded file will be a self-extracting zip (.zip) file with a single executable inside. Extract that executable (.exe) to your desktop or preferred folder and execute by double clicking on the icon. Execute the installation program and follow the instructions. While the installation does not require everyone to be out of Sage 100 before installing, it may be necessary to log out and log back in to display menu changes. mba-installer.jpg

Enter the destination folder of the Sage 100 application. The path should include the MAS90 folder. Example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage 100 Standard ERP\MAS90\”. Click on Install when done. Files will be extracted to the folder specified and will trigger the Product Install to Sage 100. Click on Install to install the Enhancement to Sage 100. mba_installer_product_install.jpg

Version Difference Warning

If there is a version difference, a Version Mismatch Warning will appear.


This warning is expected if product updates have been installed. If the first two sets of numbers, 6.00 in the example shown, match then click on OK. If they do not match click on the red X and exit the installation. The correct version of the modification will need to be downloaded.

Once the Enhancement is installed, there will be two buttons displaying, Finish and Log. Click on the Finish button to complete the install process. If an error occurred on the screen or to validate the install, click on the Log button to view the install log. At this point, the Enhancement has been installed.

e-Business Users

If using e-Business, the Paperless HTML Enhancement can be extended to Modules | eBusiness Manager | E-mail Notification Maintenance as part of this enhancement. To use the Paperless HTML enhancement with e-Business, copy the file SY_EmailEngine.PVC from the “.\MAS90\Links” folder to the “.\WEBENG\Links” folder used by e-Business.

Once the enhancement has been installed it must be registered for it to be active. Access to registration will have to be assigned to a user or group to have access to registration. To assign permissions, go to Modules | Library Master | Main | Role Maintenance. Enter the role assigned to the user or group that will need to have access to the MBA Enhancement Registration and click on the Tasks tab. Navigate to Library Master | Maintenance/Data Entry | MBA Enhancement Registration and make sure it is checked to allow access. To register the enhancement, the user must have at least View and Modify checked. If uninstalling an enhancement, Remove must be checked. To launch registration, go to Modules | Library Master | Utilities | MBA Enhancement Registration. A list of MBA enhancements will be displayed in the registration.

Each enhancement that has been installed will display a check in the box in the column called Installed. The check box in the Activate column will appear once the enhancement has been successfully registered. If there is not a check mark, when clicking in the box, it will open a web page to the online ordering for that enhancement. Once a license key has been generated, enter it in the license column. If the license is valid, a check mark will appear in the Activate column. If the enhancement has an expiration date, the Expiration column will display the last day that the enhancement will work without being renewed.

Key Information

License keys will have the enhancement code followed by a 10 digit number. They are specific by enhancement and by the serial number of the installation.

Changes to a line can be undone by clicking on the Reset button. All rows can be reset by clicking on the drop down arrow on the Reset button and clicking Reset All Rows.

The Print button will print a list of all the enhancements indicating what has been installed and activated along with other information such as the description, license key and the expiration. This documentation can be accessed from the MBA Enhancement Registration by clicking on the help button. When done making changes or registering enhancements, click on the Accept button to close the MBA Enhancement Registration. Clicking on Cancel will close the screen without any changes being saved.

System Wide enhancement options are accessed through Modules | Library Master | Utilities | MBA Enhancement Registration. Click on the enhancement description to access its configuration. This enhancement does not have any system wide configuration so the Configure button in the MBA Enhancement Registration screen will be grayed out. This documentation can be accessed by clicking on the Manual button.

The editing of the emails to have HTML can be done in two places:

  1. Paperless Office
  2. eBusiness Manager

Paperless Office

The maintenance of emails for Paperless Office is done in Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance. To access this maintenance screen go to Modules | Paperless Office | Setup | Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance.


The Paperless HTML Advanced enhancement enables the ability for the Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance to be resized.

Document Types can be Customer Forms, Vendor Forms, Employee Forms, Reports, Journals and Registers, and Period End Reports. Each Document can be setup by Company and will have a Subject Line along with the Message Body.

Select the Document type, company code, module code and document that is to be configured for sending HTML emails. HTML tags can be entered in the body of the email. The subject line does NOT support HTML tags, and if used in the subject, the tag itself will be shown to the user receiving the email. The example above shows how the standard plain text email from paperless would be setup. It has merge fields like <Document> in the subject and the body. Any links to websites are plain text and no images exist in the email. The result to the customer receiving the Invoice would appear as plain text as shown below.


If there are no HTML tags in the message body, then the message will be sent as plain text.

With the Paperless Office HTML enhancement installed and active, HTML can now be used in the body of the email. Below is a Sales Order document that is using HTML markup instead of plain text.

The merge field <Document> exists in the subject and in the body, like it did in the previous example. The body has multiple tables as well as multiple images. Links to websites exist within the text of the body.

When the email is received, it will look like the sample below.


Need help with HTML? This example was created using Bee Free Editor

e-Business Manager

The maintenance of emails from the webengine in eBusiness Manager is done in E-mail Notification Maintenance. To configure emails sent from e-Business Manager go to Modules | eBusiness Manager | Setup | E-mail Notification Maintenance. Select the Notification to be modified. Just as in Paperless Office, the subject and body of the message can have text entered.

This sample shows how the standard plain text email from eBusiness would look. It has merge fields like «USER_INFORMATION» that can be in both the subject and the body of the email. When the email is sent as plain text it will look like this:


If there are no HTML tags in the message body, then the message will be sent as plain text.

With the Paperless Office HTML Advanced enhancement installed and active, HTML can now be used in the body of the email. Below is the same document but instead of using plain text, HTML markup is used. The Advanced functions of this enhancement is not available for e-Business. The function is the same as the Paperless Office HTML enhancement.

Key Information

The number of characters that the body allows has not been modified and is using the maximum of 4096 characters.

In this sample with HTML markup, it shows how the enhancement allows for HTML. The merge field «USER_INFORMATION» exists in the subject and in the body, like it did in the previous example. The body has multiple tables as well as multiple images. Links to websites exist within the text of the body.

To uninstall an Enhancement, launch the registration program in Modules | Library Master | Utilities | MBA Enhancement Registration. Select the Enhancement from the grid and press the Uninstall button. This will remove the enhancement from the system. A message box will appear stating which enhancement is being uninstalled.

Take Note

When Paperless HTML Advanced enhancement is deactivated or uninstalled, the message body will revert to the value that Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance had prior to using the enhancement. If the enhancement is reactivated or reinstalled, the message body will revert to the last value the enhancement had saved.

Click on OK to uninstall or Cancel to go back to the MBA Enhancement Registration without making any change. When an enhancement is removed the check box under Installed will be unchecked and the license with expiration date will be removed.

Extra Step for eBusiness Users

If Paperless Office HTML enhancement has been setup for eBusiness, the file webeng\links\sy_EmailEngine.pvc will have to be manually removed.

Once all enhancements have been uninstalled, the MBA Enhancement Registration can be removed by clicking on the Remove Enhancement Registration button. This button is only activated once all enhancements have been uninstalled. A message box will appear stating that it will uninstall the MBA Enhancement Registration.

Click on OK to remove it or click Cancel to return to the MBA Enhancement Registration without making any change. A message will display when the files have been removed. Click on OK to close the window. When the MBA Enhancement Registration is removed, users will need to exit out of Sage 100 to have their menu updated. Once the menu is updated, the menu item for MBA Enhancement Registration is removed.

Take Note

Uninstall vs Deactivate
Before Uninstalling the Enhancement, which removes your License and Expiration, consider just de-activating the Enhancement by un-checking the box under the Activate column. Your Enhancement will not function until you re-activate the Enhancement by checking in the box under the Activate column.

For support on this or any other MBA Business Software Enhancement, please call 770-399-8021.

Paperless HTML Advanced enhancement allows email sent from Sage 100 to be in HTML format. If the outgoing email is displaying the HTML tags (example: <h1>, </h1>), then try the following:

  1. Check Registration - Launch Modules | Library Master | Utilities | MBA Enhancement Registration, to insure the License was entered correctly.
  2. Check Links Folder - If SY_EmailEngine.PVC is not in the MAS90\Links folder, copy Default.PVC and rename it to SY_EmailEngine.PVC.
    1. For e-Business Manager, check the Links folder in WebEng.
  3. Check Class Enhancements Launch Data File Display and Maintenance and load the SY_ClassEnhancement.M4T table for an override of SY_EmailEngine by SY106_HTM_EmailEngine. If the entry is not there, reinstall the enhancement.

If you are still having an issue after trying the suggestions above, please call our support line at 770-399-8021.

These are the files that have been changed

Paperless HTML Email AdvancedTypeDescription
PL\PL106_ADV_EmailMessage.M4LPanel LibraryElectronic Delivery Message Panel Library
PL\PL106_ADV_EmailMessage.PVCClass OverrideChange Electronic Delivery Message
PL\PL106_ADV_EmailMessage_UI.PVCClass OverrideChange Electronic Delivery Message UI
SY\SY106_ADV_EmailEngine.PVCClass OverrideChange Paperless Email to HTML
Links\PL_EmailMessage.PVCOverride TriggerIndicates an override exists
Links\PL_EmailMessage_UI.PVCOverride TriggerIndicates an override exists
Links\SY_EmailEngine.PVCOverride TriggerIndicates an override exists
MBA Enhancement LibraryTypeDescription
SY\SY106_Enhancement_SVC.PVCClassEnhancement Service Object
SY\SY106_INI_SVC.PVCClassINI Service Object
SY\SY106_License.M4LPanel LibraryLicense Panel Library
SY\SY106_License_BUS.PVCClassLicense Business Object
SY\SY106_License_SVC.PVCClassLicense Service Object
SY\SY106_License_UI.PVCClassLicense User interface
SY\SY106_Lister_SVC.PVCClassLister Service Object
SY\SY106_Nomads.PVCClassNomads Enhancements
MAS_System\SY106_Enhancement.M4TClassTable of MBA Enhancements
MD\MD106_Ini_SVC.pvcClassINI Service Object
MD\MD106_Install.M4LPanel LibraryMBA Install Panel Library
MD\MD106_Install.M4PProgramInstallation Program
MD\MD106_Install_BUS.pvcClassInstall Business Object
MD\MD106_Install_UI.pvcClassInstall User Interface
MD\MD106_UpdateLibrary.PVCClassInstall Panel Update
Launcher\WizWurks.bmpImageLogo for Install
MBA_Install.iniINI FileMBA Install Configuration File
Reports\SY106_LicenseListing.rptCrystal ReportList of MBA Licenses and enhancements

Paperless HTML Email is available in the versions listed below. Click on the version matching your Sage 100 installation. If your version is not listed, please send us an email via our contact page.

Related information about the Enhancement, this website, and its documentation

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