After 12 years as a principal engineer at Sage, Scott McDonell started his own firm - steezware - making modifications and custom modules for Sage 100 ERP. Many in the Sage development community use the stzUE UltraEdit toolkit, but steezware also created a few other developer tools. In 2021 Scott turned over the entire steezware library of tools to MBA, who assumed continued responsibility for their development and support.

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stzUE – pronounced steeze-U-E – is a set of UltraEdit tools that provide rich support for editing ProvideX and PxPlus source code (text) programs and Nomads libraries. The tools are based on those developed by Sage Software for the development of its Everest (4.x) version of MAS 90. Sage abandoned the tools in favor of the plug-in developed for the Eclipse IDE, but steezware teamed up with ERP Developers to update the tools to work with PxPlus as well as ProvideX.

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stzCMD – pronounced steeze-C-M-D – is a set of programs that enhance the ProvideX and PxPlus command-line environments. Some of the tools were inspired by those developed at Sage Software in the late 1990’s, but updated to work with PxPlus.

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One of the principal features of stzFM is its ability to quickly find a file based on a value entered in the Filter field, for example “Vendor” or “Customer” or “Check Hist”. A search invoked using a filter is performed on all companies and all modules.

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stzHLP – pronounced steeze-Help – provides control-positioned Nomads-based help windows for ProvideX and PxPlus applications. Rather than a help panel being limited to display centered on the entire screen or relative to the location of a parent window, stzHLP automatically positions help windows relative to a specified control on the parent window