Resource Maintenance

SDE Resources are linked to Sage 100 Business Objects. Reads (GETs) and writes (POSTs) to SDE contain the Resource as part of the JSON or XML document. Resource maintenance is found in SDE Application | Developers | Resource Maintenance.


The Plus rocker button moves the record pointer to the first (top) of the table, last (bottom) of the table, and previous (left) or next (right) from the current position.
The Delete button deletes the current record.
The Cancel button does not save changes and clears the fields on the screen.
The Save button saves the current record and clears the fields on the screen.

There is one button on the Resource Maintenance screen.

The right arrow button to the right of the Sage Business Object changes the entry to User Defined Table (UDT). UDT's all use the same business object, so you would only enter the table name. Change back to Business Object by hitting the arrow again. <html><a href=“ User Defined Tables&YouTube=Wx3eTkNEGHw” target=_blank>[video]</a></html>
The Print button will print the Resource information.

The following are the fields available on the Resource Maintenance Screen.

The endpoint of any Sage Data Exchange installation is sde. (i.e. “<yourDomain>:<yourPort>/sde”) The JSON or XML document posted to SDE must contain the Resource.

The documents posted to SDE use the business object to post data.

By default, the column names in the response for any Resource are returned in lower case. If you wish to retain the case entered in Return Maintenance, select Maintain Case. If you want to change the default capitalization for a Sage column, just enter an Alias with the desired capitalization. <html><a href=“ Case Sensitivity&YouTube=11GlhGh9xOE” target=_blank>[video]</a></html>

The information in the grid is read only.

Data Source

Data Sources are pulled from the business objects' child collection.

Table Name

The table name of the Data Source.


The Type can be Main or Detail. For example, Main would be the SO_SalesOrder_BUS, and Detail would be the SO_SalesOrderDetail_BUS.


Checked if the Data Source is Read Only.

Key Reference

Key Reference for the Main, Detail and Child Collection. The Main and Detail Key References have the length of each segment included in the Key Reference.


Shows Yes if the Data Source is part of the Detail


Description of the Data Source.