Request Maintenance

SDE Resources are linked to Sage 100 Business Objects. Reads (GETs) and writes (POSTs) to SDE contain the Resource as part of the JSON or XML document. Request maintenance is found in SDE Application | Developers | Request Maintenance.

The Plus rocker button moves the record pointer to the first (top) of the table, last (bottom) of the table, and previous (left) or next (right) from the current position.
The Delete button deletes the current record.
The Cancel button does not save changes and clears the fields on the screen.
The Save button saves the current record and clears the fields on the screen.

There is seven buttons on the Request Maintenance screen.

The Print button will print the Request information.
The Copy button copies another Request into the List Box.
While not quite a button, you can drop a text file of your JSON or XML document into the middle of the button and it will be displayed in the List Box.
The Insert Row button will insert a new row at the current position. The row can contain a child or sibling of the currently highlighted row.
The Delete Row button will delete the current row.
The Expand Tree button will expand the tree in the Tree View List Box.

The following are the fields available on the Request Maintenance Screen.

Select the Resource for this Request.

The information in the list box is read only.

Select an XML or JSON Element from the Request Tree View List Box, then define the element handling.


Is the row a User, Password, Main, Line, Tier, Payment, or Package.

User<html>&nbsp;&nbsp;</html>Element returns the SDE User.
Password<html>&nbsp;&nbsp;</html>Element returns the SDE Password.
Main<html>&nbsp;&nbsp;</html>Identifies the element that contains for one or more Sage 100 entities,
<html>&nbsp;&nbsp;</html>like Customers or Sales Orders.
Line<html>&nbsp;&nbsp;</html>Identifies the element that contains the lines or detail for the Sage 100
<html>&nbsp;&nbsp;</html>entity identified in Main.
Tier<html>&nbsp;&nbsp;</html>Identifies the element that contains the tiers for the Line identified above.
Payment<html>&nbsp;&nbsp;</html>Identifies the element that contains the payments for the Main entity.
Package<html>&nbsp;&nbsp;</html>Identifies the element that contains the packages for the Main entity.

Table Type

Is this a Header, Detail, Tier or Payment table.

Column Name

Enter the Sage 100 Column Name.

Column Type

Is the data coming in a number or a string?


Enter an expression to modify the incoming data.