Default Maintenance

When posting JSON or XML documents, the fields Sage 100 requires must be passed in the document. If you are reporting commission, for example, you cannot create a new customer without a salesperson. If your posts are always going to use Salesperson 0100, you can default the field in Default Maintenance. This can save on the size and time required to transport your document. Default maintenance is found in SDE Application | Developers | Default Maintenance.

The Plus rocker button moves the record pointer to the first (top) of the table, last (bottom) of the table, and previous (left) or next (right) from the current position.
The Delete button deletes the current record.
The Cancel button does not save changes and clears the fields on the screen.
The Save button saves the current record and clears the fields on the screen.

There are two buttons on the Default Maintenance screen.

The Print button will print the Default information.
The Insert Row button will insert a new row at the current position.
The Delete Row button will delete the current row.
The Move Up Row button will move the current row up one row.
The Move Down Row button will move the current row down one row.

The following are the fields available on the Resource Maintenance Screen.

Select the Resource for this Default.

The documents posted to SDE use the business object to post data.

Data Source

The only Data Sources allowed in Default Maintenance are Main and Detail, the two writeable Data Sources in Resource Maintenance.

Column Name

Select the Column you want to Default.


Enter the string or numeric expression for the column defaulted.

Column Type

Column is either a String or Numeric. (Read Only)

Table Name

Table name associated with the Data Source. (Read Only)